IrisPR Outsourced Development Case Study

When this startup lost its engineer, our Dedicated Developer model picked up the slack.

“Product is the last thing I worry about now. Every person we’ve worked with at Founders Workshop has been wonderful, and we have total peace of mind. Startups would be crazy to not hire Vincent and his team as a resource.”

Aly Saxe, founder and CEO, IrisPR

When IrisPR founder Aly Saxe lost her in-house engineer, she needed an outsourced software development resource quickly to maintain momentum with her growing startup. 

She leveraged the Founders Workshop Dedicated Developer model to build a roadmap and get back on track.

Immediately addressed product iterations and bugs

Accessed supplemental help to meet new deadlines

Expanded product roadmap with new creative ideas

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Learn how outsourcing software development accelerated this startup’s growth.

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