Our 5D Process

It starts with you.

You have a great idea.
You’re ready to move forward.
Let’s get started.


D1 Discovery

Start small. Think big.

Build the foundation for your software solution with your dedicated Project Champion. Gain a competitive advantage by scoping the most valuable features and functionality. (2-3 Weeks)

What You’ll Get
1. Well-defined user stories for seamless functionality.
2. Key features based on your goals and market conditions.
3. A recommended budget and development schedule.

See D1 Timeline


D2 Definition

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?

Create an actionable roadmap. Define the designs, technologies, and team structure with your dedicated Designer and Project Manager.
(4-6 Weeks)

What You’ll Get
1. High-definition designs, wireframes, and user journeys to begin development.
2. Development of a clickable prototype
3. Defined team-structure, budget, and schedule.
4. Detailed assumptions, risks, and acceptance criteria.

See D2 Timeline


D3 Development

Bringing your app to life!

The real fun begins! Watch your vision come to life as our team executes your roadmap through an agile development process. (2-3 Months)

What You’ll Get
1. Functional software built on predictable milestones.
2. Test scripts, demos, code reviews, automated and manual testing for quality-control.
3. Opportunity for feedback in every development sprint throughout the process.

See D3 Sprint


D4 Deployment

The launch.

You’ve brought your product to life! Now it’s time to release it to market. We’ll be with you every step of the way. (1 Month)

What You’ll Get
1. Expert navigation in deploying your product to selected platforms.
2. In-depth training for your team or key stakeholders.
3. Maintenance and updates for the first month.

See D4 Timeline


D5 Dedicated Support

It doesn’t end here!

Our post-launch product support and maintenance program demonstrates our long-term commitment to your product and business.

What You’ll Get
1. iOS and Android compatibility monitoring and planning.
2. New features based on analytics and customer feedback.
3. Continuous maintenance and software updates.
4. A customized solution that fits your exact needs

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