Partner Network

Our network of startup advisors and consultants extends the support we’re able to offer our clients. Meet them!

Jennifer Columbe

Operations and Process

Jennifer is an operational guru and founder of Blue House Solutions. Jennifer’s specialty is simplifying complex topics and processes so that everyone involved can contribute effectively. With a practical approach to managing people and products, she focuses on the “why” to create lasting change within her clients’ operating environments.

Katrena Drake

Product-Market Fit and GTM Strategy

Katrena is the co-founder of Armor Cloud Security, which she helped grow to more than $50MM in ARR. The experience helped refine her aptitude for product, marketing, and operations strategy. Since her exit, she’s helped 20+ early-stage companies scale, pivot, or exit their businesses by creating and refining product-market fit strategies and executing GTM plans.

Greg Head

SaaS Founder Advisement

Greg is an active mentor and advisor to software startup founders as the host of Practical Founders Podcast and the founder of In his 30-year career in the software business, he was part of the startup and growth stages of three great companies that have since created over $2 billion in total revenue in the CRM software industry.

Matt Simpson

Marketing Strategy and Execution

Matt delivers fractional marketing leadership and execution for B2B software startups. He played a key leadership role for social-mobile startup Bulbstorm en route to the company’s acquisition. In the years since, he’s led the marketing function for a number of SaaS startups including Attribytes, IBC Hotels, Iris PR, Patent Bots, and SLP Toolkit.