Since 2008, we’ve launched 200+ software products, web and mobile apps, and startup MVPs. Meet us!

Vincent Serpico

CEO / Founder

Vincent has been part of the Phoenix tech community as a developer, dev leader, startup founder, and angel investor for more than 20 years.

As founder and CEO of Founders Workshop he’s committed to helping other founders build and grow their businesses. He combines his skills in tech and business to enable founders to get the software they deserve.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Vincent grew up working in the family business. Since then, he’s contributed to several startups – most notably Spotlight / SalesFitRX (raised $2M) and Task Messenger. He currently owns Breakthrough Smash Room in Phoenix along with Founders Workshop.

Wayne Neale

Chief Product Officer

Wayne is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience in the software industry. As a startup founder, he led product, design, marketing, and sales organizations. He also has experience with medium- and large-sized companies post-acquisition.

Wayne is a dynamic, entrepreneurial leader who utilizes design thinking and lean methods to deliver exceptional, innovative results. He specializes in product-market fit approaches, market validation, customer research, and early product conceptualization and design.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Wayne has worked in over 10 startups as a founder or part of the early-stage executive team, with three exits. He has built both consumer applications used by millions and B2B applications that have changed industries.

Michael Vanderslice

Chief Operating Officer

Mike has served in leadership roles with over 10 startups and has had multiple exits. He has led a wide range of functions including operations, product management, customer support, training,  process development and customer success.

At Founders Workshop, Mike puts his experience scaling tech startups within multi-million dollar companies to work for you.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Mike started and sold a multi-location specialty retailer, founded and sold a healthcare IT company, founded Reputation Health, cofounded ServiceGuru a customer experience SaaS platform, and was VP of Operations for Geeks On Call leading the company from startup to over $80 million in annual revenue in just four years to name just a few of the ventures he’s been a part of.

Andrea Ramirez

VP of People Operations

Andrea began her career with Founders Workshop as a functional tester. Her direct experience with the process of software development led to her interest in discovering and recruiting dev talent.

As Director of Team Services, Andrea is responsible for recruiting and onboarding top technology talent throughout the Western Hemisphere. Andrea is passionate about connecting with and improving the lives of career-minded engineers and developers.

Entrepreneurial Experience

In addition to her work with Founders Workshop, Andrea owns and manages a convenience store and small apartment building.

Rosalie Sutherland

Product Development Manager

Rosalie is an experienced Product Development leader with over 15 years of experience in the startup to Fortune 100 world. She is passionate about building innovative products that solve real problems. She is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. She has worked across Commerce, Fintech, Bio-Risk, Healthcare, Compliance and Media verticals throughout here career.

She has a strong technical background and is very experienced in Agile Methodologies. Rosalie is a highly effective communicator. She is able to clearly articulate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences to achieve client’s goals from ideation to completion.

Startup Experience

Rosalie has worked at several startups, including a social media company, bio-risk software company, a mobile app company, and a fintech company.

In her previous roles, she has held a variety of positions focusing on Product Development. She has a proven track record of success in leading and growing product and engineering teams. Rosalie led the development of a new product that was successfully launched and achieved $1 million in revenue in its first year. She also played a key role in the company’s acquisition by a larger competitor.

She has a passion for mentoring and helping entrepreneurs and founders to achieve their dreams of making their product into a reality.

Isabel Madrigal

Project Manager Lead

Isabel is a dynamic bilingual (English-Spanish) Product Owner and Project Manager Lead with extensive experience in agile methodologies and cross-functional team leadership. She excels in driving software solution development from conception through deployment, blending technical expertise with strategic insight.

As a Project Manager Lead at Founders Workshop, Isabel is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that align with business objectives. She leverages her certifications in Design Thinking, Scrum Master, and Agile Product Ownership to ensure seamless project execution and stakeholder satisfaction.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Isabel, alongside her husband, founded Migao Pijao, a unique venture focused on offering hot chocolate with a variety of delightful toppings. This innovative business quickly gained popularity, amassing over 30k followers on Instagram in less than three months. Her strategic vision and leadership have made Migao Pijao a beloved brand among hot chocolate enthusiasts. For more information, visit their Instagram page here.

Eve Suarez

Project Manager

Eve Suarez began her career at Founders Workshop as a Manual QA. Over time, she ascended to the role of QA Lead and has recently transitioned into Project Management.

In her current role as a Project Manager, Eve is responsible for providing support and coordinating efforts for our projects in Dedicated Support. Her leadership ensures that the team’s collaboration is seamless and effective.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Eve has amassed extensive experience working with several startups and government institutions. This diverse background has given her a broad perspective on various working styles and their impacts, enhancing her ability to drive team success and innovation.

Alexander Guzman

Master Team Lead

As Master Team Lead at Founders Workshop, Alexander brings a wealth of experience in consulting on the best technologies, solving complex problems, and guiding other team leads to make optimal decisions across all projects. With a strong background as a Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect, and Fullstack Developer, he possesses a comprehensive understanding of the software development lifecycle and the challenges that come with it.

With over ten years of experience partnering with entrepreneurs to create innovative software solutions, Alex is deeply passionate about learning and implementing the latest technologies, especially in the realm of artificial intelligence. His mission is to find the most efficient and forward-thinking methods to build high-quality products that consistently exceed client expectations.

In his role, Alexander provides solutions to challenging client requirements, ensuring that their projects are successful and their clients are satisfied. Outside of work, he enjoys playing video games and engaging in carpentry, hobbies that allow him to unwind and apply her problem-solving skills in different ways.

Dominique Lasdoce

Master Architect

Dominique Lasdoce has been an integral part of the software industry, evolving through roles such as embedded software engineer, software developer, team lead, and software and cloud architect for more than a decade.

As the principal software architect at Founders Workshop, he is dedicated to handling software and cloud architecture, leveraging his extensive experience to support startups in building and growing their businesses. Dominique’s passion for building and learning diverse systems drives him to tackle unknown challenges, break down problems, and craft effective solutions.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Dominique co-owns a clothing business with his wife, managing a small team. He also shares his expertise through a blog, where he writes about his experiences in the software industry and addresses various challenges in software and cloud architecture.

Hildegard Wiggenhorn

Team Lead

Hildegard Wiggenhorn brings over 25 years of software industry experience to Founders Workshop. A seasoned developer and team lead, she has successfully developed five mobile apps from scratch, one of which garnered over 50,000 downloads on both Google Play and the Apple iStore. Notably, Hildegard was at the forefront of mobile innovation, developing one of the first mobile app prototypes in 2000.

Her passion for coding mobile and web apps is driven by a love for bringing new ideas to life and creating products that users find invaluable. Hildegard thrives in the fast-paced software environment, continually seeking new challenges to refine her skills.

In her extensive career, she has excelled in various roles, including project and product manager, developer, and strategist. Over the past seven years, her focus has been on mobile and web development, solidifying her expertise as a front-end and full-stack developer.

Marcia Gutierrez

QA Lead

Marcia Gutierrez is a QA Lead with 10 years of experience specializing in web, API, and mobile functional testing. She built an API automation framework from scratch using Python, achieving over 350 scenarios within two months, and has extensive experience in stress testing with JMeter during a database migration.

Marcia loves to go further and ask a lot of questions, which allows her to find a significant number of bugs during her testing. Currently, she is completing her Electronic Engineering degree in Peru and holds multiple certifications in automation tools like Selenium, Cypress, and Playwright.

She has a passion for finding bugs and traveling, bringing both expertise and enthusiasm to the Founders Workshop team.

Julián Canepa

Design Lead

With nearly 20 years of experience, Julián leads our design department, fostering personal and professional growth. Passionate about surprising clients, he delivers user experiences and interfaces that surpass industry standards, maintaining efficiency through our 5D process.

His empathy and understanding of clients have been honed through work with globally recognized brands and entrepreneurs across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

As our design lead, Julián conceptualizes and supervises creative initiatives across departments, ensuring brand consistency, accurate messaging, and strategic goal implementation.

Entrepreneurial Experience

Over two decades, Julián has developed his personal brand, consulted on branding, and led teams in crafting digital experiences.
He also co-founded Raw Murales and contributed to Industrias Bilumasi’s growth, spanning the decoration and logistics sectors.