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AI Discovery Service includes
Comprehensive Analysis

We conduct a thorough assessment of the company's current operations, products, and goals to identify potential areas where AI can be integrated. This involves interviews with key stakeholders within your company and a review of existing data and systems. We also look at key competitors to see how they are using AI to compete.

Opportunities Report

Prepare a comprehensive report outlining potential AI use cases specific to the company's needs and industry. This report should include an analysis of the potential benefits, risks, and implementation considerations for each identified opportunity.

Presentation and Consultation

Deliver an interactive presentation to the company's key stakeholders, explaining the opportunities and recommendations identified during the AI Discovery session. Engage in follow-up consultations to address any questions or concerns.

Roadmap and Implementation Plan

Develop a roadmap and implementation plan that outlines the steps the company needs to take to integrate AI successfully. This plan should include timelines, resource requirements, and milestones to guide the company's AI adoption journey.

AI for your Business
An Entrepreneur's Guide to Competitive Advantage

Watch this presentation by Founders Workshop CEO and AI expert Vincent Serpico discuss the history of AI, best uses and everything else you ever wanted to know about AI.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost every business can use AI to improve service, efficiency, profitability and to gain a competitive advantage. Our Discovery service will help educate you about the opportunities.


Founders Workshop can provide this experience …

AI can provide great value in many parts of a business. Our Discovery service helps to identify those areas, identify and mitigate risks and select the right areas of your business to utilize AI.

Some common concerns include trust and transparency issues and data privacy. Ensuring transparent and responsible use of AI is key to overcoming these concerns. It’s important to consider who is training the AI, what data is being used, and what factors influence the AI’s recommendations.

Companies can realize ROI with large language models by automating time-consuming tasks and enhancing decision-making with deep insights, thereby improving operational efficiency, and driving innovation.

Generative AI can be leveraged by companies of any size, from startups to large corporations. The key factor isn’t size but rather the company’s ability to integrate AI into its workflows, its readiness to manage and analyze the necessary data, and its willingness to adapt and evolve based on AI-driven insights.

While it’s true that AI technology is advancing rapidly, a well-trained model won’t become obsolete overnight. Models can be updated, fine-tuned, or retrained to keep up with changing needs and advancements in technology. Also, a model’s usefulness is often tied to its ability to perform a specific task or suite of tasks effectively, rather than how recent its training data is. Therefore, a good AI model has a significant useful lifespan.

The best time to start leveraging AI is now. While the industry continues to evolve, waiting may result in missed opportunities. Starting now allows you to begin reaping the benefits of AI, such as improved efficiency and insights. Furthermore, early adoption can provide a competitive edge and allow your organization to influence and adapt to the evolution of the industry based on your specific needs.

An AI Discovery Session offers a platform to deeply explore your company’s specific needs and challenges. During the session, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing data and potential use cases, perform initial research and development, and propose customized AI solutions. This helps to align your stakeholders, establish a clear AI vision, and chart a tailored strategic roadmap for AI integration. It is an invaluable step towards harnessing the full potential of AI in your business operations.

We believe in collaborative exploration and understand that each stakeholder brings unique insights. As such, we don’t set a strict limit on the number of participants in an AI Discovery Session. However, to ensure the session remains focused and productive, we generally recommend including key decision-makers and team members who have a strong understanding of your company’s needs, challenges, and data.

Yes, we certainly do. We offer educational AI workshops designed to increase your team’s understanding of AI concepts, technologies, and their practical applications. These workshops can be tailored to your specific needs and level of expertise and are aimed at empowering your team to better leverage AI tools and strategies in your business operations.

While the initial investment in AI may seem significant, the cost may not be as high as you expect. Furthermore, the impressive return on investment that AI can yield – often in the hundreds to thousands of percent – is a vital factor to consider. AI can automate time-consuming tasks, reduce operational costs, enhance decision-making, and unlock new opportunities, all of which significantly contribute to this ROI. Besides, a phased implementation can help manage the upfront costs, and most importantly, it will position your company for a strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace. The early adoption of AI can set you apart and give you a head start in leveraging this transformative technology.

To get started, you can reach out to us via our website’s contact form or directly through email. We’ll then arrange an initial consultation to understand your needs and objectives. This will lead into planning an AI Discovery Session or a tailored workshop depending on your requirements, setting you on the path to successful AI integration.

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