Your Software
Development Team

Our talented professionals transform your idea into market-ready software.

Building a digital product, a mobile or web app, or another software solution takes more than a great idea. It takes a team!

An internal product development team can take three to six months to recruit (in a typical job market) and up to $1 million a year plus equity to maintain.

Fortunately, there’s another way. From product design and management to engineering and beyond, Founders Workshop leverages a deep bench of talented professionals to assemble your Product Development team.

We apply resources fractionally based on your budget, schedule, and technical scope. And we transition into an affordable maintenance and support program after launch.

Although your team is handpicked to meet the requirements of your project, it’ll likely include the following roles.

Project Champion

Whether you’re building an app from scratch or improving upon an existing product, every engagement begins with our famous Project Discovery Service.

Your Project Champion is a seasoned entrepreneur who’ll help de-risk your project before committing to software development.

Project CTO

Every project at Founders Workshop enjoys the benefit of oversight or leadership by a Project CTO, reducing or eliminating the need for our customers to invest in this role during the startup and early growth phase.

Your Project CTO is experienced in the diverse needs of a startup with a deep understanding of both the business and technological challenges of a startup environment. Your Project CTO will be actively being involved in managing the project team, defining technology stack, product management, documentation, architecture and the technical vision of the project.

Product Development Manager

Product Development Managers serve as your primary point of contact and is as an extension of your own internal team throughout the development process.

Part project manager, part product manager, part business analyst, your Product Development Manager collaborates with you and your Project CTO to set priorities, respond to changes, and direct the work of your technical team.

UX/UI Designer

Joining in the Definition stage of our 5D Process, your UX/UI Designer creates wireframes, beautiful interface designs, and clickable prototypes as needed for your product.

We use these assets to confirm features and define the look and feel of your product. You might use them to secure buy-in from internal stakeholders, letters of intent from customers, and internal or external funding.

Technical Lead / Full-Stack Developer

Our talented nearshore engineering team leverages a variety of technologies into our proven 5D Process. Your Technical Lead is a full-stack developer who determines which technologies are applied to your product.

Front End Developer

Your Front End Developer (or Developers!) is selected based on the technical scope of your product. Skills include: .Net, React, and React Native apps; iOS and Android mobile apps, No-Code/Low-Code solutions, and more.

Back End Developer

Your Back End Developer (or Developers!) is responsible for the parts of your software product that you don’t see. From your central database to the APIs and integrations that plug it into the rest of your tech stack.

QA Software Tester

Your QA Software Testers ensure that your product is ready for public use before the Deployment stage of our 5D Process.

Automated testing and code review solutions have limited effectiveness. Your QA Software Tester manually tests your product for true quality assurance.