Leadership Team

Since 2008, we’ve launched 150+ software products, web and mobile apps, and startup MVPs. Meet us!

Vincent Serpico

CEO / Founder

Committed to helping founders build and grow their businesses, Vincent’s been involved in the Phoenix tech community for over 20 years. He’s worked as a developer, a VP of Dev, and a CTO. He’s founded startups, raised money, and actively angel invests. He understands business and he understands tech. He combines his skills at Founders Workshop to enable founders like you to get the software they deserve.

Michael Vanderslice

VP of Operations / Project Champion

As a founder with executive experience (CEO, COO and VP) in multiple high growth tech companies, Mike uses his skills to bring your software to life. From discovery to launch, Mike leverages his background in operations, process development, sales and marketing, and customer success for your benefit. Let him put his experience scaling tech start-ups into multi-million dollar brands to work for you.

Andrea Ramirez

Director of Team Services

As Director of Team Services, Andrea is responsible for discovering, recruiting, and onboarding top technology talent throughout the Western Hemisphere. Andrea is passionate about connecting with career-minded engineers and developers and positively impacting the lives of others as the result of her work.

Jesse Martin

Senior Product Development Manager

Jesse is an experienced Product Owner and Project Manager with a demonstrated history of success. From software and hardware to manufacturing processes, he uses his experience as a founder, COO, and CPO to bring other founder’s ideas to life through software. His “out of the box” approach brings ideas and concepts that further the success of the solutions we build.

Denim Brandel

Product Development Manager

Denim is a senior mechatronics engineer who’s taken projects from conceptualization to market and deeply understands how to successfully land a product. He’s a leader of multidisciplinary teams of engineers and translates highly technical documentation into formats easily understood by investors, boards, and clientside managers.

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