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POV: Hot Technology and Startup Trends in Arizona and Beyond

In his role as Founders Workshop’s project champion and startup mentor, Mike Vanderslice discusses hot technology trends with dozens of founders and business leaders per month. 

In fact, he’s formally validating seven ideas through our project discovery process right now. That’s an all-time high at one time for us!

Mike’s position gives him a unique perspective into tech trends across Arizona and beyond … and he likes what he sees.

“It’s awesome to see so many great ideas coming out of our region’s founders,” Mike said. “There are great things happening in Arizona and beyond!”

Here are three hot technology and startup trends that Mike has his eye on.

mike vanderslice quote on technology trends

Hot Trend: Enterprise Systems Integrations.

Companies large and small are investing capital back into their businesses and connecting disparate enterprise systems and software applications through APIs and integrations.

Hot Technology: AI-Enabled Healthcare.

Healthcare technology has been hot for years. We’re currently working on multiple products that seek to leverage AI to improve outcomes and patient care in the healthcare space.

Hot Startups: Vertical SaaS.

Software-as-a-service is always a strong sector in Arizona. Today, SaaS founders are bringing us ideas for startup MVPs in cannabis, agriculture, field services, event management, and more.

What Technology Trends are You Watching?

Do you have your eye on a sector not listed here? Mike would love to learn what you’re watching … or what you’re working on. Connect with him on LinkedIn or book a time to meet via Calendly.

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