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Is No-Code/Low-Code Right for Your Software Product?

No-Code and Low-Code is a hot software trend right now. At Founders Workshop, we love No-Code/Low-Code too … for certain software development scenarios. Let’s dive in.

Why is No-Code/Low-Code so Popular?

No-Code/Low-Code enables very fast development and deployment of mobile apps, digital products, and other software solutions with basic functionality. We’ve even seen market-ready No-Code/Low-Code products deployed in as little as four weeks.

On the other hand, No-Code/Low-Code solutions are not very scalable or flexible. You won’t base your company’s long-term future on a No-Code/Low-Code product.

To quote our founder Vincent Serpico, “You need traditional code to scale, but No-Code is great for proofs of concept or prototypes on steroids.”

What’s a Good Use Case for No-Code/Low-Code?

Speaking of prototypes, we love No-Code/Low-Code for creating proofs of concept quickly and inexpensively.

No-Code/Low-Code products connect to a backend database, so they can serve the role of a very advanced prototype. In fact, you can launch an initial product or startup MVP on No-Code/Low-Code because it’s a functioning app.

A No-Code/Low-Code proof of concept allows you to secure buy-in from stakeholders, letters of intent from customers, and internal or external funding before committing to full development.

Vincent Serpico quote on no-code low-code solutions

How Do I Get Started with No-Code/Low-Code?

Tech-savvy tinkerers can teach themselves to use No-Code/Low-Code tools in a few months. That said, tinkering is not an actual product development process. Your idea deserves a better chance at successful deployment.

Successful software products – even No-Code/Low-Code products – require a structured process and a range of skills from project and product management to UX/UI design and QA testing.

Is No-Code or Low-Code Right for Your Software Product?

Our project champion and startup mentor Mike Vanderslice can help you determine if No-Code or Low-Code is right for your project. Connect with him on LinkedIn or book a time to meet via Calendly.

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