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I Believe In You (IBIY) Mobile Development and Hardware Integration Case Study

Startup mobile app and NFC chip bracket that encourages and captures positive human moments.
Create measurable change in the world
with small acts of kindness by wearing purposeful & fashionable bracelets that are meant to be given away.
The Client & Vision

IBIY was founded on the basic assumption that kindness passed forward creates far-reaching effects. The Company was founded by Braxton Kilgo while being a guest speaker at a high school. Realizing the speech he wrote did not fit the audience of disadvantaged children, he made some last-minute changes and brought stickers that said “I Believe In You” telling the kids these were not for them, but for them to give to someone else.

The response from the school was overwhelmingly positive and through a series of events IBIY bracelets went viral and the I Believe In You movement was born.

Braxton came to Founders Workshop with a vision to build a mobile app with far reaching social implications to capture each moment throughout the entire life of the bracelet. These moments included images, text and video and showed the downstream impact of a bracelet for all who were involved in prior moments as the bracelet was passed forward.

The Solution

Braxton went through our 5D process including Discovery and Definition so we could best understand, help shape and be a part of bringing Braxton’s IBIY vision to life. A wide array of requirements and features included…
  • NFC chip integration with the app
  • Gen Z-friendly social functionality
  • SMS notifications
  • Content creation tools
  • Bracelet purchasing integration through Shopify
  • And much more….
Braxton came to us with some general design ideas and we worked with him to build out a great UX/US design for the app keeping the user experience simple and clean but very robust.

“Watch as Braxton discusses how valuable and easy it was to commit to and go through our D1 Discovery process and the value that it provided. Discovery is a valuable step in our 5D process establishing the foundation for a successful product launch.”

“Braxton talks about how powerful seeing the vision he’s been talking about for years is brought to life during our D2 Definition process. The D2 Process often includes building a clickable prototype that many founders use to attract investors, gather feedback or in some cases, sign up their first customers before an app is even built.”

To streamline development and keep costs down, Founders Workshop designed and implemented multiple off the shelf tools for financial transactions, user content creation of images and video, notifications, and more.

Wear your bracelet until you’re inspired

to give it to a friend, family member or a complete stranger to let them know you believe in them

Download and get inspired
The Results

Over the course of three months, the Founders Workshop team delivered a top quality MVP on time and on budget. This allowed Braxton and his team to launch his project and sell out of their first wave of 12,000 bracelets.

Braxton said “Working with Founders Workshop and going through their 5D process was invaluable. I loved that the people I worked with at Founders Workshop were also founders or had worked within other startups. Their experience and passion helped us to build and launch a better app than if we had done it ourselves or had we chosen a different software development company.”

Check out the IBIY app and bracelets and become part of the IBIY movement at