BiggWhale Software Development Case Study

Internal predictive analytics product gives small business a competitive edge.

The Bigg Opportunity

Bigg Whale is the brainchild of Jerry and Susan Horowitz. The investment analytics duo started the company in 2012 to help customers make data-driven decisions on their investments. The company’s growth comes from the results they get from clients. Along their journey to growing a vibrant, investment business, they found a way to reverse-engineer investment methods using the software. As a seasoned programmer, Jerry automated the process and realized that predictive analytics could be used to make strategic investment decisions.

The Bigg Problem

Jerry and Susan had a primary focus of serving customers, so they needed a development partner who would create the software to help clients make smarter investment decisions. Finding a development partner who could actually build an exceptional predictive analytics engine—as well as bring design and UX expertise—was a challenge. Bigg Whale found that this initiative would either be much costlier than they planned, or they would likely have to give up the idea of working with a partner who understood the business challenges of small and startup businesses.

“We tried a lot of different development companies and have many horror stories. It was one letdown after another. They were unreliable, didn’t execute well or on time. It was starting to feel like we may never get this product done. Then we met Vincent. Founders Workshop took the time to dig in and understand what we were trying to bring to market. And they got to work right away.”

The Bigg Solution

Vincent and his team of programmers built an algorithm and usable product that allowed Bigg Whale to deliver unbelievable predictive data to their client base. The solution allowed Bigg Whale to predict moves in the market, create strategies for clients in all stages of financial planning, and ultimately help them build wealth in a consistent and predictable way.

“The product they built works and continues to improve. They did an amazing job, not only with the build but with their customer service, which is something we really value. They were always dependable, honest, and made us feel like we were their only client.”

The Bigg Whale team is able to use the software with confidence internally, which means quickly spotting trends and delivering insightful data to clients. With investing, time matters. So, the speed at which this product produces automated insights is key to its success—and the company’s success.

“For our clients, they’re getting reliable, predictive information and we spend less time manually researching data. Clients get solid analytics quickly, that’s the most important thing.”

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