ServiceGuru Software Development Case Study

B2B software startup sells and scales with new reporting capabilities.

The Growth Challenge

ServiceGuru is a platform + kiosk product that helps businesses vastly improve their customer service. The company had successfully brought an MVP to market and was testing with customers in the restaurant, healthcare, hospitality, family entertainment, and retail industries.

Through customer interactions, founder and CEO Kevin J. Berk learned that what made a huge difference in winning new customers was the data provided by the software. However, ServiceGurus’ existing reports, or lack thereof, were clearly presenting a challenge to customer adoption. He knew that in order to get to the next phase of startup growth, ServiceGuru would need to add compelling and powerful reports to the platform.

“We looked at various reporting engines and designers who could create the report we needed. The biggest challenge was that I needed it done quickly and I needed it done RIGHT. I was familiar with Vincent’s work, and I knew he was hyper-responsive and diligent, so I went right to him with the project.”

Removing The Roadblock

After a few meetings of discussing customer needs, scoping out the project, and nailing down what was critical to be in the report, the Founders Workshop team got to work on a prototype that emphasized the insights derived from customer usage of the platform. The team working on the project kept their focus on pulling out good data, to compliment good tech.

“What they produced in very short order looked great and worked exactly as we needed. I initially thought we were going to need nine different kinds of reports. After going through the exercises with Vincent, he came back with a much more efficient solution that solved everything we needed. We call it, “the weekly crack”. A report that is so groundbreaking and powerful that a business can’t imagine not having it.”

With the new report now live, ServiceGuru got past the friction that was holding up sales and was able to turn more leads into customers.

“Founders Workshop got us over that hump. They eliminated the friction that was keeping customers from buying and adopting this quickly.”

Fast Iterations, Faster Growth

Kevin saw that the speed and efficiency at which the Founders Workshop team worked had a huge impact on how fast ServiceGuru was able to hit startup milestones. In continuing to work with Founders Workshop, ServiceGuru has been able to establish a strong feedback loop with customers, iterate quickly, and get the startup engine running more smoothly.

“If it weren’t for Vincent, we would be lost right now. He’s really pulled the data for this product together in a seamless way. When you’re talking about something THIS important, you don’t want to trust just any developer off the street. Vincent embodies the characteristics that make him a great person to work with: integrity, character, trustworthiness, diligence, vigilant, hyper-responsive. He is a trustworthy, stand-up human. And in fact, his entire team reflects those values. I trust that if he’s on a project, it’s going to get done and get done right. I don’t worry about development, they’ve got it.”

As the ServiceGuru offering evolves to meet customer demands, Vincent steps in as a technical leader when needed.

“He comes to the table with ideas and creativity. Every feature build carries our end goals in mind. It feels like Vincent is truly a part of our team. I take that back, Vincent IS part of the team”

ServiceGuru plans to work with Founders Workshop as long as they can, and Kevin regards Vincent as a true partner.

“The reason why we are adding customers at a faster clip now is because of what Founders Workshop conceptualized and created. More doors are opening, our sales cycle is faster, and customers are realizing benefits faster. There is no question that Founders Workshop has helped put Service Guru on a faster growth track.”

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