rDigz Software Development Case Study

New software product helps realtors fight back against Zillow and Trulia.

The Challenge

Eighty percent of homes are sold by just 5% of real estate agents. These top agents face increasing pressure from tech giants like Zillow and Trulia and tech-savvy competitors whose websites display all homes for sale in an area – even homes that they do not represent.

This has led to a decline in inbound sales calls to actual listing agents and a decline in customer satisfaction among buyers.

Rather than calling the phone number on the For Sale sign, potential buyers research properties online. Once they’re on a website, they push the “Contact Agent” button – which connects them to the website’s owner or an agent paying for inbound leads.

As a result, the buyer speaks to an agent who doesn’t know any more about the property than what’s publicly available in the listing. And the actual listing agent is cut out of the process.

The Solution

These industry-shaking trends gave Jeff Sibbach of the Sibbach Team and eXp Realty an idea. Sibbach envisioned a new home sales platform that would return top agents to the center of the home buying process.

To earn adoption, the consumer mobile app and agent admin portal would have to deliver usability and functionality rivaling that offered by Zillow and Trulia. That’s where Founders Workshop came in.

“We needed to get up and running fast and we liked that Founders Workshop already lived in the mobile space,” Sibbach said. “As we began to work together, they were detailed in their approach and stuck with the plan. They didn’t try to steer us away from our vision.”

“Indecision can destroy a project,” Sibbach added. “They brought solutions to problems to us rather than waiting for us to make recommendations. Their decisiveness was key.”

QR codes are central to the rDigz platform. By scanning a QR code on the home’s For Sale sign, home buyers can view interior photos and receive more details about the home. Now, there’s no need to offer antiquated paper fliers from the For Sale sign.

Buyers can like, share, or make an offer on a home, RSVP and receive reminders for open houses, and even submit questions directly to the selling agent via chat.

Agents manage their listings via the web-based rDigz admin portal. They can list new homes for sale, market open houses to nearby browsers, and communicate directly with potential buyers.

The Results

Currently offered as the primary benefit to real estate teams who join the LEOPARD industry alliance, rDigz launched in Arizona in late 2020 and will soon expand to California, Nevada, and Washington.

Within a year of launching, rDigz had attracted 100+ top-performing real estate teams representing nearly 2,000 transactions and $900 million in revenue annually.

After years of losing the fight against Zillow and Trulia, the rDigz product gives top-performing agents control of their business again.

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