ALBedFill Startup Launch Case Study

Founder-proven 5D Process delivered AlBedFill’s MVP in just three months.

Business Idea

Eric Owen is an experienced entrepreneur, who knows precisely what it takes to bring great products to the market. In 2017, he realized that with our aging population in the U.S., there is a significant need to connect assisted living homes with senior citizens in need of care.

The problem, he learned, is that when a senior hit the stage of life in which assisted living is necessary, their families don’t know where to start to find the right home—with open beds—for their loved one. Relatives rely on referrals and word of mouth, often hitting multiple dead ends and having an overall frustrating experience trying to find adequate care.

With a growing number of assisted living facilities opening up around the country to fulfill a massive need, Owen set out to create an app that could easily connect seniors with assisted living facilities that have vacancies.

The Challenge

From his past experiences launching businesses, Owen knew that the quality of the product and customer experience was critical to early customer acquisition and rapid scale. He struggled to find a full-service development company that had the right technical chops, as well as UX, design expertise, and leadership. From there, he needed a team that would understand the unique needs of startups. Specifically, he needed a dev team that could also offer an innovation mindset. Owen had a big goal of having a useable prototype built within a quarter, to start selling right away.

Problem Solved

Owen met Vincent Serpico years before and remembered him as one of the few technical leaders in Arizona with a team of talented programmers who could meet every development need. Most importantly, he knew Vincent would provide the leadership necessary to bring a product to market efficiently and in the most cost-effective way possible.

“Vincent is a fantastic business consultant. So many development companies take advantage of startups whose founders are not technologists. Vincent is an entrepreneur, he’s built and led tech teams in startups, and he’s an innovator. He and his team are more than a partner, they’re an asset.”

Development is usually a painful process, especially for startups. Founders Workshop strives to make every project easy, efficient, and delightful for their client. The end result is a technology that works, is delivered in a timely fashion, and a highly dependable, responsive team along the journey.

In exactly 3 months, Founders Workshop took Owen’s concept from idea to wireframes, to development, to design, and created a fully-functioning product. The MVP was launched on time, enabling Owen to start selling on his aggressive timeline.

“Vincent is always honest and he GETS entrepreneurship. He understands the most strategic way to bring a process to market. Founders Workshop is the reason we were able to launch an MVP of our app very quickly, begin testing the market, and actually start selling based on a working prototype. We were generating revenue in the first quarter we went to market.”

Because the product was solid and well designed for the targeted customer, ALBedFill had a relatively easy go-to-market. “We’ve already captured 10% of the Phoenix market using the MVP and are generating revenue. Within one quarter we’re at cash flow positive.”

Founders Workshop continues to help ALBedFill iterate on the product per customer feedback and build out a long-term roadmap. As ALBedFill grows, Owen has a true development partner that grows with the company.

“Vincent and his team are part of ALBedFill. I couldn’t do this without them. Any startup that needs to bring a great product to market quickly should talk to Founders Workshop. There is absolutely no comparison to any other development team I’ve worked with.”

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